Charities Making a Difference

  • WWF

    WWF is helping to support the critically endangered mountain gorillas. Read more about the work they do with animal conservation worldwide
  • The Aspinall Foundation

    The Aspinall Foundation is a British charity, supporting a number of conservation projects worldwide to protect endangered species.
  • Born Free Foundation

    Since 1984 the Born Free Foundation has been taking action worldwide to stop animal suffering and protect species in the wild
  • Ape Action Africa

    Ape Action Africa is dedicated to the conservation of gorillas and chimpanzees, under threat from the local bushmeat trade
5 of the Best Places to See Gorillas in the UK

  The UK has some fantastic wildlife parks where you can see gorillas interacting within their family groups. Here are five of the best to get you started.   Bristol Zoo Bristol Zoo is home to eight western lowland gorillas, with the most recent arrival born just 3 months ago in February 2016. After months of work, Bristol Zoo opened Gorilla Island to the public in 2014 after the completion of the £1 million project. It’s now renowned for being one of the best gorilla enclosures in the country, complete with a 180 degree view of the gorilla house for viewers to enjoy. You can also enjoy a gorilla talk and feed daily at 12.30pm to learn more about the family at the zoo, as well as conservation work Bristol Zoo is involved with worldwide.       Longleat The famous safari park is home to three male lowland gorillas and has been active in gorilla conservation since first ...

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